Our community based tourism is located in the Northern Province . As a Rwandan-owned business we do not see ourselves as a  tourism agency only but also as a social business with positive   effects on our human and natural environment.   Our staffs are members from of the local communities, with which we work to improve their quality of life. Many of the poorest community  members are women, children and single mothers, who come together  to learn skills that will better their position in society  and let them and their dependents live a sovereign live.

We promote environmental protection to sustain the livelihoods of rural dwellers. We do combine income generating activities with conservation  targets, such as basket and jewelry making, modern bee keeping, Poultry and mushroom farming, traditional medicine and organic  Agriculture.

All these issues are inextricably linked with the environment these families live in. Poverty in rural areas is one of the main enemies of environmental protection

Thus our vision is:

To transform the lives of people who, in the past just like now, are depending on natural resources such as firewood, water, bamboo , soils etc, and whose lives are impoverished by the continued degradation of the environment.


Our community activities include:

-Mobilization of the local population and involve them in the conservation and protection of their environment. We set up periodic seminars with local and foreign trainers. We collaborate with school, church groups and the village authority to promote our core programs  like Public Health, Nutrition and sanitation.

– The Eco Schools scheme accredits nearby schools that make a continued commitment to improve their environmental performance and educate their students in environmental issues. The aim of the Eco Schools program is to stimulate environmental awareness and commitment in the youngest generation.

–   The bee conservation project focuses on   preserving the endangered honeybees as a natural resource to empower   the rural and urban poor. In future we anticipate the use of bee products to promote health and healing.


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Rwanda has a rich cultural heritage that is highly   interesting for foreigners to experience. We connect local communities to offer visitors lessons in basket weaving, Woodcraft jewelry making, banana beer production and Kinyarwanda or Swahili language lessons. Local guides offer village walks around the surrounding hills with stunning views.

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