This park is a Rwandan safari destination that is worth a visit for big game drives. The Akagera National parks Covers 2,500 Km2 in north –eastern Rwanda, against the Tanzanian border. It is in three Eco-regions: Savannah, mountain and mountain and swamp. It includes lakes including Lake Shakani and Lake Ihema. The park is named for the Kagera river which flows through it.If you are looking for big game or different bird species then you should try Akagera National Park. It is a habitat for wildlife like giraffe,elephant,hyena ,buffaloes,zebras,more than a dozen species of antelope including world’s largest cape eland as well as impala ,bush buck, orbi, and topi,…and over 500 different species of birds like shoe-bill.It also has accommodation facilities that are suitable for suitable for tourists at the Akagera Game Lodge.


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